Rolling project Triumph TR6SS engine, Matchless G15 frame

CHASSIS & RUNNING GEAR – Starting with a formerly chopped 1966 Matchless G15CS frame & swingarm, I carefully grafted a 1962 Triumph 650 steering neck to it, using a very reputable MIG welder and heavy steel plate sections. His welds are easily twice as strong as the former chop job which survived over 20 years without failure, so I trust this frame to be totally reliable. We used basic equipment to set the rake angle and alignment, and verified as it was tacked, then welded. The steering neck needs to have the proper tapered bearing seats installed. Entire chassis assembly is dusty, surface rust in places, scratched, and scuffed. Swingarm spindle needs lubrication. Rear shocks are used and scruffy, may or may not have sufficient damping. Forks are from a Suzuki GS750, and require full inspection, servicing, and re-filling. Surface rust on the stanchion tubes is evident near the headlight mounts. Tapered steering bearings included on the yoke stem MUST have matching races installed in the steering neck (I do not have any races, sorry). A modified sidestand is included (scruffy, no spring), as is the chopped original centerstand with spring. Footpegs are mismatched, but usable. Some missing and mismatched hardware.

WHEELS, BRAKES & TIRES – Front wheel assemblies are: 1966 Triumph with SLS drum brake, AND 70s Honda CB750 with brake disc; both have old tires, dusty and dull, but totally sound. Wheels bearings will need washing and re-packing with fresh grease. No front caliper or master cylinder for Honda disc front brake. Triumph axle does not fit correctly in Suzuki forks, and requires adaptation with spacers. Rear wheel assembly is a rusty, dull, scruffy Triumph 250 unit that is probably inadequate for the power of the engine. Rear wheel is held in place with a length of all-thread rod and two nuts. I do not have a better rear wheel, or I would certainly have included it. Buyer can trade leftover wheels for a better rear wheel. Some other missing and mismatched hardware.

ENGINE & TRANSMISSION – 1962 Triumph TR6SS crankcases, crankshaft, rods, cylinders (broken fin), pistons, T-Bird iron head (broken fins), rockerboxes, camshafts, intake manifold, 4-speed transmission. The transmission can be adapted to the “Slick Shift” which is operated without a clutch lever (needs Slick Shift actuator parts internally). Engine is missing the intermediate timing gear, oil pump plungers, missing intake pushrod tube, pushrods, valve keepers, missing timing cover, clutch adjuster screws, clutch hub roller bearings, clutch & engine sprocket woodruff keys, and primary chaincases. Includes a pair of decent intake valves and a new pair of stainless exhaust valves, and a full set of valve springs with base cups. Includes an Amal monobloc carb (no air filter). Includes scruffy kickstart lever and shifter. Missing the magneto ignition. Clutch parts are mostly newer style “duplex”, but are totally compatible. EVERYTHING in the engine and transmission needs thorough cleaning and surface rust removal. Will need all new gaskets and seals, probably bearings and bushings, etc, as common in any overhaul. Engine will need custom-built front engine mounts and spacers, and some additional work with the existing engine/transmission mount plates for a proper finished fit. I am attempting to trade a set of “long” style primary cases for a set of “short” ones that will fit properly; if I can’t find anyone that will trade, I will include the “long” set (as pictured). Also includes a new alloy magneto drive gear. Some missing and mis-matched hardware in engine & transmission.

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Location: Laredo, Texas, United States