’74 Commando frame with Kenny Dreer VR880 tranny cradle, modified to accept a Spyke electric starter (HD Sportster). The swingarm mount is a Dreer VR880 “big bearing” conversion to accept a box-section swingarm that pivots on full bearings instead of the original spindle & bushing setup. I also have a standard cradle & swingarm, as well as parts to fabricate a monoshock swingarm (buyer’s choice). Currently mounted with a decent used vernier adjustable isolastic unit in very good shape. At present, I do not have the proper swingarm bearings, so I’ve inserted some temporary / loose spacers to be able to roll the bike around. I will include an early style flat head steady plate with no fastening hardware. Front engine mount with used isolastic unit. Late style long sidestand, no spring; no centerstand. Good condition alloy Z-plates (peg mounts).

Location: Laredo, Texas, United States

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Originally listed on March 29, 2015. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.