I wondered what I liked about the original concept of this bike. The shape of the rear seat is made up of very contemporary lines. I wanted to keep these lines Eurostyle of the time that characterizes the cb900F or the cb900 Bol d’or in Europe. So I used my resources as a designer and manufacturer of racing catamaran (www.designcatamaran.com) to design and manufacture a fully carbon back shell and using 3D printing and solidwork as a design tool for the mold. Construction of the sub-frame: During a transformation project it is a classic to review the lines of the Honda Dohc of these years … The sub-frame lines are rather disappointing, low and non-conforming for conversion to the style of caferacer or street fighter. So the first design work was to completely take over the rear sub-frame and correct its lines and to integrate a very minimalist electric box that hosts basic electrical equipment such as m-unit motogadget module, regulator, start-up relay and battery. The most interesting project is to integrate a carbon shell in the rear sub-frame that reflects the European style of the cb900 Bol D’Or of the time. So we used 3D printing to make the matrix of the back shell. We used SolidWork to study the shapes of the shell and produce the final files. The conventional manufacture with female mold was used. The parts is molded under carbon-epoxy vacuum. Particularly and for reasons of ergonomics, the back shell integrates the shape of the fuel tank. The lines are continuous and fluid from the tank to the end of the hull. Unusual feature of transformed bikes using the DOHC cb. Another challenge was the realization of the two 18 ” wheels. The front hub was machined and we consulted Buchanan for the purchase of aluminum rims and stainless steel spokes. The front hub machining is a rather simple job, however the rear hub is slightly more complex to create and we have decided to use a 1977 cb750F rear hub. This hub is virtually bolt-on on The cb900F, some adapters and here is a piece of complex that we did not have to machine. The 18 “rims and spokes come from Buchanan. The 3.5 “and 4.5” rims allow the bike to be fitted with Pirelli Angel 120/18 for the front and 160/18 for the rear. GSX-R forks replace the original forks of the cb. Particular attention has been paid to the triple tree machined house: there are built-in ‘risers’ which improve the driving position and a receptacle for the motorcycle cluster pro motogadget. Particular attention was paid to the design of the spot ring and brackets of the 7 “jeep spot which are also machined house. Engine and carburation The engines were completely disassembled … cleaned … glass blasted and repainted with high temperature paint baked. New chains: primary chain and timing chain as well as all seals and gaskets. A wiseco kit 985cc with a complet deep work on the head completes the engine. This beautiful cylinder can count on a system of ignition high voltage with processor and optical signal … 3 ignitions per stroke … offered by cycleX. Enough firepower to light the mixture propelled by the 34mm mikunis … but when you GUNS … you better know what you do …. I was told … upset by my first ride … The SS and Blue Angel presents itself as a beast to tame …

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Location: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada