This is a one of a kind 1995 Ducati 900 SS. This is the limited production SP model (as seen by the plaque on the triple tree). The SP adds a number of upgrades such as floating cast iron rotors, wider aluminum swing-arm that accommodates a larger 5.5″ wheel, a carbon fiber front fender and a number of other different upgrades from the regular 900ss. This bike has undergone through a total transformation to make it an ultra cool retro cafe racer that looks like the modern sport classics / paul smart ducatis. I am only selling this bike because I have to downsize my collection and I have recently purchased a paul smart so it does not make sense for me to keep two similar looking motorcycles. I will briefly detail some of the work that went into it but I am certain I will miss some things. The original fairings were removed and were replaced with Ricambi weiss high quality fiberglass piece for the nose (this is the style of the older 750ss race bike). The tinted windscreen was chopped down to give it a sleeker lower look. This new fairing required significant mounting modification to the front headlight assembly to transform the ugly square headlight into the round retro style 7″ headlight. Care was taken to preserve as much of the original mounting points and brackets as possible. An HID kit was installed into the headlight and a retro mesh grille put over the headlight (a nod to the 356/ 550 porsche speedster). Adjustable levers were installed for the brake and clutch and retro diamond quilted grips were put on along with CRG blind-sight mirrors. The cilpons were slightly lowered to accommodate the new fairing. The bike has an upgraded K&N filter, a delete of the air breather assembly (replaced with breather filter, cleans up the back a lot), dunstall cafe racer pipes, PSR clutch slave for easy shifting, upgraded rear sprocket, open clutch basket (sounds and looks amazing!). An aluminum front chain sprocket cover was installed in replacement of the stock plastic piece. The rear tail was modified to fit the cafe racer rear fairing. An aluminum retro style LED tail light was installed along with retro turn signals. The seat is bolted on with 4 bolts that are easily removable with wing screws on the bottom. Foam seat pad was installed on the seat. All wiring was tucked and hidden from plain sight. The color is 50’s aqua dipped to look similar the older ford gt40 race car. Lots of work and countless hours of time went into the bike. She is in great shape for the year. Engine runs well and has had a recent oil change. The few things to note include: the bottons on the cast iron floating rotors are starting to get a bit loose from normal use, this is fairly normal with these style rotors, however it is something I wanted to note. I am including a set of new break pads which will probably need to be replaced soon. The rear tire is low on tread in the middle and will need to be replaced. Also the neutral light is on even when it is in gear (it didnt really bother me, this is fixed with a new neutral switch which costs about $40). Last thing is that it is sometimes difficult to find neutral until you get used to the bike, I think the shifting lever needs a slight adjustment.

Price: Auction

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Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States