I have been converting it to a cafe racer for vintage flat track racing. I am about to start traveling for work and will be moving so have to let it go. It works very well. Have all the original parts to convert back to stock if wanted. Currently does not need keys for a fork lock, gas lock, or ignition. I have the ignition in incognito, but was wanting to weld on a glowing light switch, as it was going to be a race bike. I didn’t do any welding when I realized I would have to let it go, just in case the new owner wanted a stock classic. This bike was made for a couple years, then discontinued. It’s brother, the Hawk SC, has many transferable parts though. I also found out the forks can be switched with an 02 GXSR fork, they make a 2-1 exhaust, and many more other race friendly exchanges. It has been a great bike, I only was able to use it for commuting for around 1100 miles. Convert it, custom build it, revert it, or part it out, the bike will be yours. It is a rare model, so depending on the build or buyer, it could be a good investment. I’m sad to see it go.

Location: Auburn, California, United States

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