12/70 Honda SL350. The original Omega Man. I took these pics back in February of this year. Please note, one of the pics is of the gauges that were on the bike, showing the miles. I, personally, have only put 20 miles at most since I’ve owned the bike, mostly street and light off-road use. I sold the gauges, the pic is just for reference. I’ve had the bike in storage for a couple of years. Recently got it out and serviced. Bike runs really good. Has very good acceleration. Shifts through the gears as it should, and the electrical system is charging perfectly. I did notice recently since being brought back into service, the right side exhaust is smoking a little when revving the bike. Please see the video below. This is a recent video taken on 4/23/18.

Bike has been a hobby interest for me for a while. I’ve added a lot of new parts. The only thing I was still tinkering with was the suspension. Back shocks are good, but the front forks feel soft for anything more than the street, so you probably would want to finish that. Also, bike has a rear brake switch set-up, and I have a small enduro light that will go with it that I never installed. It would require mounting the light and hooking up 2 wires to the switch.

Just to list a few, bike has vintage Buco fenders, Elsinore CR250 seat. Nothing was altered with that application, so you still could run a stock seat fairly easily. New knobby tires & tubes front and back, new rear shock springs, and there is a really cool high wattage yellow running light mounted to the handlebars, which is activated by a toggle switch that is right by the key switch located on the front number plate. Again, many, many new parts to the bike. With that, there was really no altering of the frame as far as welding brackets or changing mounts, except for the rear shock mount to the swingarm. Please view video below. It is of the bike starting and running.

This Honda is being sold with a Bill of Sale ONLY. NO TITLE, BILL OF SALE ONLY.

Location: El Paso, Texas, United States

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Originally listed on May 3, 2018. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.