My friend bought this 1967 Montgomery Wards Riverside 125cc back in 2007 and put about 2 miles on it. He was unable to register it here in NJ because the DMV does not accept “Montogomery Wards” as a brand in its database. So, he put it in his house as a very cool hallway decoration where it has been for the past 11 years. He just bought a new BMW bike this week, so he pulled it into the garage and this is now up for sale.

It has cafe bars, custom seat and a custom two-tone paint job, which was done about 20 years ago and looks very presentable. It has a magneto ignition conversion, so no battery, kick to start. These were built by Binelli and sold via Montgomery Wards. A rather rare bike.

Because he couldn’t register it, the DMV never issued him a title. As such, only a bill of sale can be provided to the new owner. Please check your local state regulations as to what you will need to register it. If you only need a bill of sale and can bring the bike to show in person as proof of the VIN, you’re likely good to go. Sold as is, sale is final.

Montvale, New Jersey, United States